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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Heya! So a few days ago I got a message from the lovely Simone of The Cloud Galaxy saying that she had nominated me for an award! Thankyou, you're amazing! :)
The Rules
1. When you receive the award thank the person that gave you and post the link to his/her blog in your post
2. Then you (receiver of the award) posts eleven things about yourself
3. Answer the eleven things the tagger has set for you
4. Choose eleven inspiring bloggers with under 200 followers and link their pages in your post. Then create eleven questions for them to answer
5. Go to their pages and tell them
6. No tag backs!

Okay, so eleven random things about me-
- I love cheese. I eat it all the time, like ALL the time! I don't think a day goes past when I don't eat cheese. Kinda weird, but there you have it! ;)
- I love sailing, as those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know. I sail a 420, but I can also sail other centreboard boats :)
- At school, my favourite subject is probably dance or photography
- This blog wasn't always a fashion blog! When I first started blogging, Bramble and Lace was more of a photography blog.
- My favourite books are the Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray, they are actually amazing and funny and scary and romantic and just about everything else all in one.
- At the moment I'm addicted to Gossip Girl, move over Blair, Nate is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiine
- I do the most random things in class when I get bored. For example a few days ago in english, me and my friend sat under the desk to see how long it would take for the teacher to notice. (it took ages and we were stuck under there for what felt like forever, I guess we learnt our lesson)
-I have a pair of lucky socks that I wear to every exam
-My nickname is Zozzle... don't ask me why, I actually have no idea why everyone started calling me that but now heaps of schoolfriends call me that instead of Zoe, even some of the teachers! ;)
- My most treasured possesions are my sewing machine and my SLR camera
- I have a little box that sits on my shelf where i put things that remind me of a certain memories in. Like, i have a leaf that I picked up when we went to Adelaide, friendship bracelets and a stone that i found when I was little and i spent three weeks waiting for it to hatch because I was convinced it was a dragon egg. ;) It's getting very full now, i think i'm going to have to get a bigger box soon!

Simone's questions-
1. How did you come about the name of you blog?
I don't really know where Bramble and Lace came from. I wanted my blog name to sound whimsical and so I had a look through my Dad's old gardening books to find a plant that would sound nice as a blog name. I like bramble, but I thought I would add something on the end that reminded me of fashion and sewing. And so Bramble and Lace was born ;)
2. What Inspires you?
Other blogs, Lookbook, old knitting and sewing books that my Grandma gave me, my garden, anything really.

3. If you could have any item at the moment what item would it be?
Probably studded Doc Marten type shoes. I don't know if there even is such a thing, but if there is then I would definetly love to buy them :)
4. Whats your favorite song?
So many to choose from! I love all songs by The Paper Kites or San Cisco, but my favourite song at the moment would have to be Home by Gabrielle Aplin. I also love Passion Pit, Lisa Mitchell, Coldplay, Sleigh Bells, The XX, Birdy and so many more!
5. Describe your day today In 5 words or less.
School, boring, sleep, dance practice :) *yawns*
6. What is your Favorite cartoon
I don't really watch cartoons, I used to like anime like Fruits Basket but I don;t watch any anymore
7. Favorite Book\ Movie
Gemma Doyle Trilogy, The Painted Veil

8. In your opinion is a hotdog a sandwich?
NOOOO! No way!
9. What is your favorite bodypart
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don't even know how to answer this... maybe my eyes? I actually have no idea hahaha but this made my day
10 If I could have _______ I would do_____
If I could have an unending supply of pretty fabric, I would never have to go to spotlight again ;)
11. What is your Favorite item in you closet or beauty cabinet
Probably my chiffon tops, or my high waisted shorts. I also love my new ruffled shorts which will feature in an outfit post asap!

The Blogs that I have chosen are...
Mint Macaroons
Thraz Lee
Nails. Fashion. Beauty. Life
Evolving Elle
Talk Pretty
London and Coffee
Individual Emotion

And my 11 questions for them will be...
1. What is your daily makeup routine?
2. What inspired you to begin blogging?
3. What is your go-to outfit for weekends/ when you can't think of something else to wear?
4. What are your hobbies?
5. Favourite band?
6. Favourite food? (I'm sorry, my questions are crappy hahah)
7. Who is your all-time favourite blogger?
8. shorts or skirts?
9. If you could buy any item of clothing, what would it be?
10. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
11. What do your parents think of your blog?

Woop woop all done;)Well done to all of the recipients, I will notify you in the next couple of days! I also have to apologise for the massive absence recently, I have exams in two days and I have been studying my butt off haha. However, most of that so called 'studying' that I have been doing involves sitting at my desk and staring out the window for ages when I get so bored I zone out. I'm kinda screwed for them, but oh well. Wish me luck! ;) xx