France Update #1

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry christmas everyone!!! Yes I am alive... and I'm still in France!! :) This Sunday was the halfway mark for my exchange trip here, and boy has time gone fast. I have had Internet off and on, but it's been too hard to update you all up to now- there were some problems with my host family and it all got very complicated as I had to change families so I'm really sorry if I haven't replied to emails or updated you!

My time here so far has been absolutely amazing. The first four days were spent exploring Paris with a group of other exchange students from all over Australia, and the rest of my time was spent in a gorgeous town in the south of France. The photos speak for themselves- France is a truly beautiful country! At the moment I am back up further north, and the cold is certainly a change to the 42 degree days that I'm used to in Australia!! I'm also really looking forward to discovering a French Christmas... It helps that my French mum is an amazing cook!

Wherever in the world you may be this festive season, I wish you a very merry Christmas and hope that today is a truly wonderful day for you all. I hopefully will be able to post again before too long so watch this space! :) I'm not sure how well these photos will turn out as I'm posting on my phone for the first time but fingers crossed they will turn out ok :)

Joyeux Noël xx

ps. You may have also noticed that many of my older posts have recently been deleted. I really want a fresh start with B&L this year, and really want to make a real go at blogging so I decided it would be better if I deleted some of my more embarrassing posts in order to be able to start afresh and begin blogging consistently and with better content. I hope you guys understand! :) xx