Latest loves

Thursday, 30 January 2014

1// This photo from pinterest. I have been thinking of decorating my room a bit more and I love the matching colours and white background of this desk area! 

2// Clear clutches like this one from A Pair and a Spare. I love how they go with everything and are so versatile- I think I'll be trying this DIY very soon! :)

3// Nina's wonderful fashion post, I have only just found her blog and absolutely love it! I love love love her dress and flower crown in this shoot.

4// I can't imagine how much time and work must have gone into creating these, but they look amazing!


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Notebook- Typo // Pen- Staedtler

Heya! So recently I have been shopping and picked up a few things I thought I'd show you. The first are two notebooks from Typo which I'm going to use for my french class at school, along with a Staedtler finepoint liner which I thought looked so pretty and will be great for headings in my notes.

 Travel purse- Typo

This Typo travel purse was a present from my godfather for when I went to France, however it arrived late so I only received it after I came back! It's so handy for keeping passports and tickets in check.

 Necklace- unknown // Perfume- Lush

I received this beautiful necklace for Christmas from my host family and have been wearing it almost non-stop ever since! I bought my solid perfume last week after my old pot ran out. It's such a lovely floral scent which is perfect for summer.

 Dress- Paperscissors

New clothes.. yay! This dress is so bohemian and lovely, I feel like a carefree hippie whenever I wear it hehe ;) I've noticed that recently my style has been becoming more boho and colourful, and this purchase is a perfect example.

Skirt- Into

I purchased thus skirt along with the dress and I just adore the tapestry pattern and heavy fabric. It's more of a winter skirt though, so I think this will become a staple for me during the cooler months!

Have a wonderful day everyone! xx


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hello hello!
I am super excited today because.... I am starting a new series called Knitting Basics! As many of you know I love knitting, however I never got around to sharing DIYs on the blog as of yet. So I thought, why not make a series of tutorials? :) This first one is a tutorial of how to cast on for all you beginner knitters out there. Of course, there are many ways to cast on, but this is the way I do it and I find it works well for me. Let's gets started... hooray!

You will need //
yarn of any variety // needles with a suitable size for the yarn you are using

1// Start with a piece of yarn roughly 3 times longer than the width of your knitting project. This is the 'tail'. Don't cut it off from the ball of yarn though!

2// At the end of your tail that is attached to the ball of wool, wrap the yarn around your fingers twice to make an x shape. You should have two pieces if yarn around your finger.

3// Pull the piece of yarn closest to your knuckles under the other piece and pull through to make a loop.

4// Pull the loop tight and slip it on to your needle. This is your 'slip knot'.

5// Make another loop in your tail.

6// Slip the new loop on to your needle and pull to tighten.

7// You should now have two stitches on your needle. Yay! :)

8// Continue adding more loops in this way until you reach the desired width.. Make sure to keep some of your tail there so you can sew it up later.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to any of you interested in starting knitting! The next post in this series will be up later on :) I also had a quick question for all of you- I'm thinking of setting up an instagram account specifically for Bramble and Lace. I already have my personal account, which you can follow here, but I was wondering if a B&L one would interest you?

Have a lovely day! xx

3 magazines worth reading

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hello everyone! So today I thought I'd do a little post on my favourite magazines. The first one, Yen, is great for anyone who is interested in art and photography as it is filled to the brim with beautifully photographed and well-written articles.

Peppermint is a lovely fashion magazine that emphasises the importance of sustainable living. It features eco-friendly fashion and tips on protecting the environment in our day to day lives.

Lastly, and probably my all time favourite magazine, is Frankie. Most of you may have already heard of Frankie but for those who haven't it's full of fashion spreads, photography and artwork, interviews and craft DIYs- basically all you want out of a magazine! ;)

For me, magazines are the perfect way to relax after a long day. Do you have any arty/ crafty/ fashion magazines that you love? If so, please comment the name as I'd love to have a look! :) I hope you all liked this little post; I'm trying to post more often while I'm still on holidays. Have a lovely day everyone! xx

France Update #2

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bonjour! Welcome to my second France update... I'M BAAAAAACK!!!! I arrived back in Aus last week and have slowly been getting back to 'normal' life. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/ New Year period!

It's safe to say that my time in France was the most incredible, rewarding and challenging experience of my life. I spoke seulement en français and attended a French school during my visit, which was difficult to start with but was so rewarding by allowing me to improve my French and also making heaps of friends from the other side of the world. I also loved photographing the beautiful French landscape- everywhere we visited was incredible! My host family were amazing... I feel like I literally have two families and my host sisters are my new best friends! ;) If any of you get the opportunity to go on an exchange I really really recommend it. You'll never regret it, trust me! 

I still can't believe that I'm back already, the time certainly flew by and before I knew it I was on a plane heading back home. Crazy! Happy 2014 (bit late I know)! Here's to a wonderful year for all of you xx