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Thursday, 30 January 2014

1// This photo from pinterest. I have been thinking of decorating my room a bit more and I love the matching colours and white background of this desk area! 

2// Clear clutches like this one from A Pair and a Spare. I love how they go with everything and are so versatile- I think I'll be trying this DIY very soon! :)

3// Nina's wonderful fashion post, I have only just found her blog and absolutely love it! I love love love her dress and flower crown in this shoot.

4// I can't imagine how much time and work must have gone into creating these, but they look amazing!


  1. Ohh i want a clear clutch soo baad!! And white furniture is the best I loove the first phhoto too!! U shiwed wonderful things here!!

    Xx Barbora

  2. Ahhhh if I had a desk that looked exactly like that one I think my life would probably be complete!

    x Erin

  3. Thank you for the sweet comment in my blog :) love your blog♥

  4. I love the organization of the desk ♥
    Could we follow each other please :)?


  5. I would die for a room that looked like the image in the first pic! And, it's really funny that you mention the floral crown, because I have the exact same one featured recently in the photo shoot! If you want the link for where to buy it you can find it here:

    Was cool to stumble across your blog!
    Talyssa xx
    The Hidden Thimble

  6. I'm trying to redo my room too! Tell me if you find any cool pieces! I love your blog, please check out mine!