Sunday, 25 January 2015

Heya!! Sooo while I still have about a month until uni starts, I know a lot of you will be heading back to school sooner rather than later. So to kick off the back to school posts I have planned, I decided to share a few tips that I picked up during my last year of school that will hopefully help some of you out if you're heading into year 12 this year! Also to the people who have messaged/emailed me asking about how I study, hopefully this will answer some of your questions :)

1// Clean work space
I'm just going to treat the above shot of my desk as a major 'what not to do' example- I am pretty messy, and it causes so much extra stress when I'm trying to find all my study notes amidst all the random piles of books all over my desk! Keeping your desk clean and neat will make it so so much easier to find everything you need throughout the year.

2// Pretty stationary
Is it just me or does nice stationery make you so much more inclined to study? I love Kikki K or Typo for stationery, and Chloe also has some great book cover DIYs that are just so pretty.

3// Study technique
I found that getting into a good study technique and sticking to it helped out so much in year 12. My personal way of studying is writing everything down in note form, and then saying the information out loud over and over again until I've memorised everything. There's no one right way to study though, so find a method that works best for you.

4// Don't forget to have breaks
I found this really important, especially during exam time when I got burnt out. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood, or read, or play with your pets for 10 minutes. It will make such a difference!

5// Remember to still eat healthily
For me, whenever I'm in study mode I always tend to reach for unhealthy food (comfort eater alert!) but when you eat healthily, it will make you feel a whole lot more invigorated to study the next day! I like making frozen raspberry  and banana smoothies, which are super easy and delicious!

So there you have it! I hope this has been helpful to some of you! xx


  1. Some lovely tips! I think using pretty stationary always encourages me to work harder ☺

  2. These are handy, I have to say! Definitely needed this back-to-school motivation. I only just started Year 11 and am already finding it pressurizing, and by following tips like these I keep more sane. Lucky you're all done with high school! :)