Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter! I've spent the weekend so far celebrating with family and eating a socially unacceptable amount of chocolate, and am currently still in the process of recovering from my food coma.

Today I am super excited to bring you a tour of my work space, a post that was inspired by a company called WeWork. WeWork is a coworking company with a focus on office spaces, and the work spaces on their site are so inspiring to those of us (ahem.. me) whose desks are usually hidden under a mountain of paper and general bits and bobs.

Here is a little overview of my work space, aka my desk. This is definitely the most used space in my room; I use this space to study, blog, edit... the list goes on! We found my desk in an opshop, and while you can't really see the front part of it (yay Zoë nice one) it looks well-loved and sort of old-fashioned which I love. Another plus is how much space I have to spread out all my things, which always comes in handy. The only downside would be the black top, which is amazing to write on but I would much prefer if it was white as it would be such a nice background for blog photos!

In the far right-hand corner I have a little stack of my favourite magazines and of course Rookie yearbook because no teenage girl's room is complete without it amiright? I use these as both inspiration and a way to procrastinate while studying and blogging.

 On top of my stack of magazines, I have a random topshop voucher and a picture frame which I hand painted. Next to it, I have my uni diary to organise all my assignments (would literally be lost without this thing) and of course my trusty laptop.

 Another photo of my laptop! My desktop background can be found here.

On the right hand side of my desk, I have a teabag from Madame Flavour aka the best tea ever, a little notepad from Kikki K, a tape dispenser from Target and a pen cup from Typo. My bird print is also from Typo.

 Next to that, I have two magazine holders from Ikea to keep all my most used notebooks and textbooks in. I decorated them with some stickers my friend sent to me from Japan.

 My desk lamp is from Ikea. I would really recommend having some sort of lighting for your desk as it makes it so much easier to study late at night!

I also keep my language CDs and dictionaries handy so I can easily revise or look up words.

And there you have it! I hope you liked this post, I had a lot of fun taking the photos and it was also a great incentive to clean my desk, which was something that seriously needed to happen ;) Let me know if you'd like to see a room tour or anything like that! x