Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Heya! I feel like I haven't posted a simple old photography post in SO LONG, and it felt really great to take my trusty camera out for a trip today. My friends and I went to a little hidden garden that's recently been making the rounds on social media. Considering the fact that western australia is pretty much a dustbowl, it was lovely to visit somewhere so lush and green in our own city!

I'll be posting some more photos on my instagram if you'd like to see more. Much love x


  1. How pretty, it looks like something out of a Narnia movie! Makes me want to go and spend some time outside now :)

    Justine x | teenfolk

    1. It was so lovely! it's actually in the middle of a suburb so it's really strange, like you're in what looks like a beautiful forest and then all of a sudden you hear like a car or a lawnmower that breaks the spell haha ;) definitely worth a visit! x

  2. even though i live in a very green country, i know the excitement of finding gorgeous places like this one! you took great pictures, it looks so beautiful x

  3. thanks nora! yes, it's always exciting finding unexpected places! x

  4. This is so cool! There's a highway I've driven before that has vine covered trees like this along it. Even though I know the vines are destructive, I can't help loving the odd, otherworldly shapes they create.