Monday, 22 June 2015

Here in Australia winter is well and truly upon us and this brings the inevitable shift from summer to winter clothing. Personally, I adore the colder months (obviously I don't belong in Western Australia??) and love pulling out my winter wardrobe favourites when it starts getting chilly.  Here are the items that I keep coming back to!

  • An old oversized denim jacket is a must
  • Black ankle boots
  • An oversized scarf
  • A turtleneck
  • A trusty beanie for those bad hair days
  • Jeans (of course!)

What are your winter wardrobe staples? x


  1. My staples for winter are my small collection of boots and some warm tights so I can continue wearing dresses and skirts even when it's cold. It feels weird to imagine that while I am experiencing summer in France right now, it's winter for you.

    1. I totally agree- tights are such a lifesaver for that reason! Yes, it's really weird seeing everyone's photos on instagram getting ready for the beach and wearing summery clothes while I'm sitting here freezing haha! :) xx

  2. it's so great that the seasons are different between the hemispheres because now I can get early inspo for winter haha

    but these essentials are spot on!


  3. I definitely prefer colder weather as well! (sunshine is great but it's incredibly hot all year round here in Singapore) And I agree, black boots and turtleneck sweaters are a must :) Great post, this is going to be very handy for when I travel to colder countries!

    Justine x | teenfolk

    1. I totally agree, here in western australia it's hot 95% of the time so winter is such a lovely break from the heat!

  4. Oooo I love these! Tartan, denim and black boots are SO my thing.

    Bridget xx