Friday, 10 July 2015

As someone who's been a four-eyes for the past 8 years, I can honestly say that I LOVE MY GLASSES.

I think glasses get an unnecessarily bad rep. Whenever someone finds out I wear my glasses all the time, the response is usually "that sucks". Sure, there are definitely cons to glasses-wearing (95% of school sport was spent running FROM the ball in an attempt to save my precious frames #athletic) but all in all I really do love them. Especially nowadays when there are so many pretty frames to choose from, glasses can make a real statement- as well as, you know, stopping you from tripping over miscellaneous objects every 5 seconds. 

One of my biggest problems I've encountered as a four-eyes is the fact that so many makeup tutorials just do not work with glasses. Smoky eyes? Nope. False eyelashes? Disaster waiting to happen (at a dance concert a couple of years ago I was forced to perform without my glasses because they literally did not fit over the compulsory false eyelashes. The struggle was so real.) Over the years however,  I've picked up a few tricks that will hopefully be helpful to any of you fellow glasses-wearers out there who have also struggled finding makeup tutorials that suit your frames.

Bold brows
Any makeup tutorial for glasses will tell you that having your brows on fleek is super flattering with your frames. Because your glasses provide a point of reference on your face for your eyebrows to align with, it's also unfortunately more obvious if brows are uneven than if you weren't wearing glasses.

Neutral eyeshadow + a bold lip
I find that if I try to pull off fancy eye makeup under my frames, I end up looking really top-heavy and it just doesn't work. My go-to makeup look puts more of a focus on the lip while keeping eye makeup neutral. This is especially the case with bigger, darker frames.

Highlighting the inner corner
Sometimes your eyes can get a bit lost under heavy frames. To make your eyes appear bigger, use white or light-coloured eyeliner just in the inner corner of your eyes.

Mascara over falsies
As previously mentioned, falsies are a BAD idea for glasses-wearers. They can get stuck on your frames, which is pretty much the most annoying thing ever, and I mean ever. Instead, opt for mascara on the top lash line only. I find that leaving the bottom lash line natural works really well under my frames for some reason rather than having mascara on both.

And there you have it! Let me know if any of you try these out, I would love to see how it goes. Happy Friday! x


  1. yes we cannot use falsies with glasses :(

  2. toootally agree about the white eyeshadow!!

  3. YESSSSSS!!! Thank you for feeling my pain! I want to get lasik but this is the next best thing!

    Annie Abbey //

  4. Thanks for the tips Zoe! I love my glasses, so this post is really helpful :)

  5. (Don't know if the first comment came through) this post is really interesting. I don't wear glasses so I had never thought about the fact that you have to take them into consideration when doing your makeup.

    1. glad you liked it elsa! yes, it is such a pain! xx

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