Friday, 7 August 2015

Hola! Those of you who follow me on instagram will know that I recently came back from a week in Melbs as part of my work with a really cool organisation called Oaktree (is that shameless advertising? (yes) (bite me)). We spent a weekend at the conference, and the rest of the time going shopping and drinking too much coffee- great for me, not so great for my bank account... but HEY it's a holiday so #noragrets. As much as I love Western Australia this trip really cemented in my mind just how freaking great Melbourne is and I can't wait to go back!

The new uni semester officially started last week. I've actually managed to fall behind before tutes even started; I got all four wisdom teeth out on Monday and have been looking like too much of a chipmunk to attend most of my classes. Despite already being slightly overwhelmed, I'm really excited for my units this semester. I decided last-minute to switch out of my Anatomy unit into Political Science and International Relations, and have already fallen in love with it even though all the political jargon sounds like a foreign language to a science student like me!

Weelll that's about it for me! What have you all been up to? Much love x


  1. I think there's definitely something about being Perth girls that makes us appreciate Melbourne more. I love that city and am eager to visit again.
    Change is good, especially when you warrant it! hope the rest of that course goes by well :) I can't wait till I get to focusing on what I want to do, ATAR is killer as of now.

    1. I totally agree, Melbs is just too great! Keep at it girl- year 11/12 will be over before you know it :) xx