DIY Crochet Halter Top

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hello!! I made this yonks ago but never got around to showing you. Better late than never, amirite? This DIY was created when I was in the city one day and saw all these crochet halter tops everywhere for ridiculous prices, and I set myself the goal of making one myself for free with some blue and silver yarn my Grandma gave me a while ago. It's pretty perfect for lazy beach days or festivals. A word of warning- I've written this DIY assuming a base level of crochet knowledge, otherwise if I'd explained every stitch it would have gotten very very long! For complete beginners, have a look at this helpful website for a better explanation of each stitch and that should get you well on your way. This top is also totally customisable- once you've learnt the basic stitches, you can add whatever details you like. I chose to make eyelets and a contrasting middle yolk but you could just as easily leave that out and do something completely different! You could even make a back panel if the halter top isn't your thing!

5mm crochet hook
Yarn of your choice (Preferably medium to heavy weight)

1// Make a slip knot and then create a loose foundation chain. Continue the chain until it is long enough to wrap around your ribs (or however wide you would like the top to be).

2// Begin to build on the chain you have created with a row of single crochet stitches. Continue adding rows of single crochet until the piece measures about 12cm, depending on how cropped you'd like it to be. The more rows you add in this step, the longer the top will go down your torso.

3// Begin a new single crochet row as usual, but stop in the middle of the row. Instead of continuing on along the row, turn your work around and crochet back the way you came. When you get the end of that row, don't crochet into the final stitch.

4// Continue single crocheting this one side. Continue to miss the last stitch at the end of each row; this is what will make a triangle shape. Continue doing this until you reach the 'point' of the triangle.

5// When you finish crocheting your triangle, slip stitch around the entire outer edge of the triangle.

 6// Repeat steps 3 to 5 on the other side of your work, to create another triangle.

7// To make the textured yolk, treble crochet across the space between the two triangles, starting from the bottom point at the base of the triangles and working your way up.
8// This is totally optional but I decided to add eyelets into the pattern to give it a bit more texture. To create the eyelets,  I simply left the end of every second row without crocheting it into the slip stitches of the triangles, to create a little hole. 

9// Continue steps 7 and 8 until you reach the points of the triangles. Cast off! 
10// How you want the back to look is completely up to you. I made two short chains, which I then attached to the top points of the triangles and tied together to go around my neck. I then made two longer chains, which I attached to the bottom corners to make a halter tie.

And there you have it! Let me know if you try this!  Have a great week x