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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Thrifting has been a huge hobby of mine for quite a while now. If I'm honest I only started opshopping because I'm a broke bitch who loves clothes (see my conundrum?) but the more I've been transitioning to buying second hand in replace of fast fashion, the more benefits I see to it. Firstly, it's obviously a great way to save money, but it's also great because it doesn't contribute to a fashion industry that relies on heavily under-paid and disenfranchised workers. I also love it because I feel like it's another way of giving to charity; most of the places I thrift at (Salvos, Good Sammy's, Vinnies etc) use the profits directly in their community outreach work, so it's a win-win situation!

It can definitely be confusing and a bit overwhelming walking into a huge opshop for the first time and having no idea where to start. This definitely put me off getting into thrifting for a long time, and I would have really liked some pointers on how to best tackle thrifting! I've outlined some little tips and tricks for you below to hopefully make the thrifting process a little less overwhelming and a lot more enjoyable.

1// Embrace the mess!
The sorry site of rows and rows of overstuffed, disorganised clothes racks can definitely be overwhelming. I say- embrace it! Unlike normal shopping, I like to think of an afternoon spent at the opshop as an event of sorts; the whole process of searching through the mess is part of the experience, and makes it that much sweeter when you do find a gem.

2// Look at every item
Everyone says it, but it really does pay to look through every single item on the rack. The treasures are hidden in amongst a whole lot of pretty ugly clothes, so simply skimming over everything will likely have you leaving the store empty-handed. Alternatively, if the store is simply enormous or you don't have a lot of time, you could always head straight for the colour palettes that you most like to wear and only look through those. Quite a lot of opshops colour-code their clothes, so that makes it even easier!

3// Try everything on
Pretty self-explanatory! Trying things on will also mean that you'll be able to see any stains or holes in the clothes before you buy them.

4// Don't rush
I never like to go opshopping unless I know I have no time constraints. Whenever I've ducked in to an opshop on my way somewhere else, or if I've had limited time, it's never worked out well. I think it really comes down to the fact that thrifting is a pretty time-consuming thing, so it's best to not rush and just take your time!

5// Research warehouse sales beforehand
This is probably more for actual vintage or curated stores rather than your average thrift store. Vintage stores will often post on facebook before they have a big warehouse sale, so it's always worth following your local ones on their social media to make sure you don't miss out on sales.

6// Look in different sections
I always make sure to look in different sections when thrifting. The men's section always has the best tshirts, and the sleepwear section is great for finding silk slips to layer over shirts.

And there we have it, phew! Hopefully some of those tips are helpful for you. Much love! x

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  1. Love this! Thrifting for me has been something very trial and error, as I figure out exactly what I'm doing. Something like this post would have been perfect when I just started out! I really resonate with the 'no time constraints' and 'look in different sections', but I'm still having difficulty with looking at every item. I find myself just brushing over racks of clothings when I'm feeling a little frustrated. Have to work on that!
    Abby |