Bohemian Denim Jacket DIY

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Hello hello lovely people!! I am SO EXCITED about today's post. I finished this denim jacket DIY a little while ago, but never had time to collate all the photos together into a post. It's finally here!

This jacket is by far my favourite thing I've ever made. I've been seeing bohemian denim jackets a lot over the past couple of years, but the price tags kept putting me off. So I made one myself! I used a combination of fabric I found at opshops, hand stitched detailing, and embellishments to decorate the jacket. Everything I used was either second hand or already in my craft basket. I'm so so pleased with how it turned out!

Below is a sort-of tutorial going over my process for making this bohemian jacket. It isn't a super detailed DIY, because a lot of my process evolved as I was making the jacket and it all depends on the fabric you use. But I hope this guide will be helpful nevertheless! If you plan on making a similar jacket, be warned that this is not something that can be done in a night! All up, this jacket took me a good few weeks to finish, working on and off. But I think the end result is definitely worth it!

Materials I Used
Denim jacket
Fabric scraps and embellishments of your choice
Needle and thread
Fabric glue
Tracing paper
Craft scissors
The first thing I did was lay out my jacket and start brainstorming about how to lay out my various fabric scraps and embellishments. I toyed with a few different designs before settling on this one.

Next, I used baking paper to trace the shape of the jacket panel I wanted to cover. I then used this as a template when I cut out my different fabric pieces.

Once I cut out all the fabric and decided on the final design, I glued everything down using strong-hold fabric glue. You could alternatively skip this and go straight to sewing, but I found glueing everything down before sewing made life 1000 times easier by keeping everything in place.

After glueing down the main embellishments and fabric pieces, I added coin trim and other smaller embellishments to make the jacket design more detailed. At this point I also added some hand stitched details to the design.

Then, I hand-sewed everything down! I chose to hand-sew rather than use a machine because I was sewing through multiple layers of fabric as well as delicate embellishments, so hand-sewing gave me much more control. 

And voila! That's how I made this jacket. I love it so much and am already starting work on a second one- I can't stop! Really hope you enjoyed! Much love x