What camera do you use?

I use my Pentax k-x and (very) occasionally my iphone 4s. While my DSLR isn't the most popular when it comes to cameras many bloggers use, I find it very easy to use and it works well for me.

How do you edit your photos? 
For my blog, I often just adjust the exposure and contrast in Picmonkey. For instagram I either adjust the contrast in the Instagram app or I use a VSCO Cam filter.

How did you make your blog design?
My current blog design was made by the lovely 17th Avenue Designs.

How did you make your header?
I designed it in Picmonkey and then simply uploaded it to the blog.


Do you have instagram?
Yep! Follow me at @brambleandlace.

What course are you studying?
I am studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Population Health and Political Science/International Relations. 

Favourite social media?
Instagram by far!

Current favourite song?
This changes constantly but my all-time favourite songs are Fracture by Bombay Bicycle Club and Do You Remember by Jarryd James.

Where did you buy your glasses from?
I got them at my local optometrist, but the brand is Caroline Abram.

Why is all your instagram comments in French? Are you French?

No I'm not French (wish I was though tbh... unlimited baguettes and croissants, what could be better?) I've been learning French for 7 years and I also speak French at home with my mum, so while I am no where near fluent yet I am able to communicate pretty comfortably in it and I love learning it!! The reason a lot of my instagram comments are in French is because I went on an exchange to France last year so my french friends often comment on my posts.


When did you start blogging?

I started Bramble and Lace in 2012, however I have only really started blogging regularly since 2014.

What's the meaning behind your blog name?

I wish I had a deep and meaningful story to type here... but in reality I just thought it sounded pretty!

What are your favourite blogs?
I have lots of blogs that I read, but you can find a list of my favourites here.

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